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Project 1: Buffs

Buffs is a social enterprise run by volunteers with the mission to host cinema and other entertainment experience events where gay and bi men can come together, share in the fun and make new friends. With over 1,900 members in London, we schedule events a few times each week, hosted by one of our Buffs Organisers (Social Catalysts) who are there to greet and introduce members to others participating in the event. Many new friendships have been forged through Buffs events which creates a positive impact on the lives of Buffs members and helps make London less of a lonely city.

Buffs has recently expanded the concept to other cities like Los Angeles and soon will also be in the the Netherlands and Belgium as well!

Project 2: Shtotes (coming soon)

Shtotes is all about the reusable branded plastic shopping bag as a Social Catalyst. Based on where you live, Shtotes offers geographically unique bags that will create a noticeable impact when you shop -- often spurring new conversations with future friends. Shtotes are entirely reusable and eco-friendly, and all proceeds go towards funding Bleading projects.

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