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Ana-Social: is short for analogue social. It is the new (old) way of socialising that focuses on face-to-face interaction. In today's world obsessed with digital, the word 'social' is often tied to digital social media. Ana-Social uses digital platforms to promote real-life social interaction between people with all the benefits it includes.

Social Catalyst: is a person, place/event or thing that serves to catalyse (speed up or facilitate) social interactions between people. As a person, they're sometimes called networkers, matchmakers, or even social butterflies. The Social Catalyst as a place or event allows people to share an experience which can often spur new social contact. As things, they could be clothes or accessories that catch the attention of others and break the ice for new social contact. 

Customer Innovation: happens when services are designed in a way that can create a positive change in a person. For instance, positive social interaction through a social catalyst can often bring a positive emotional change in a person, which can then create hopeful outcomes.

Silo of Solitude [SOS]: the addictive nature of online social media has resulted in a reduced amount of Ana-Social activity in many people, particularly those in their middle-ages. People are acting ‘socially’ through their devices, but acting in a solitary way, as if living in their own silo — thus often creating a feeling of solitude and loneliness. Once in their silos, people have a harder time becoming social again in the real world, feeling stuck in the SOS. Service design focused on Ana-Social interaction helps to get people out of their SOS’s and back into the real world, re-socialising them to a happier and Ana-Socially connected future.

Bleading focuses on Service Design with an Ana-Social flavour using Social Catalysts
to help people out of their Silos of Solitude and towards happiness!

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